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Belong With Me

Drama wasn't what she wanted, but then neither was romance.

When Siena Amato moved to King City, all she wanted to do was take care of her sister, maybe reconnect with her long-absent father, and keep her head down and her grades up. She never expected to become the prime suspect in a classmate’s disappearance–at least in the eyes of the girl’s police officer father–or to fall for Jason Parker.

Jason is everything Siena doesn’t need right now. Yes, he’s handsome, very handsome. And he’s kind and thoughtful, but he’s also got a reputation for drag racing and evading the law. Being around him isn't a good idea for a girl who is already fighting to convince everyone that she’s innocent and just wants to avoid the drama.
However, Siena can’t ignore the attraction between them, and Jason actually believes her. As their friend’s disappearance remains a mystery, the pair are even more determined to discover the truth and clear Siena’s name. But as they dig deeper, they may be risking everything including their hearts.



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